Our Firm

We are an investment and value creation firm dedicated to implementing governance best practices as well as providing Capital solutions.

With broad international experience in Private Equity transactions, entrepreneurial spirit and an unconditionally commited team, we support profitable and high growth businesses that are reference in their segments with annual revenues between R$ 100 - 400 million and/or projects with great potential.

Illustrative successful cases include securing international brands of high relevance, the execution of growth and investment plans for the leader company in metal cutting solutions in South America, and the support of the national expansion of a company that is reference in security services in Brazil.

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Our Activities

Value Creation

Our value creation activities aim to add value through the planning of operations, implementing of corporate governance rules, mapping and eventual revising of practices and controls, allowing sustainable growth.

Private Equity

Our area dedicated to investment management, with focus on managing portifolios of Private Equity investments, in accordance to CVM's regulation, has exclusive team with broad experience in Private Equity as in business management.

Services to Family Offices

For the past few years, Dorset has worked with Family Offices, supporting the strategy of the invested companies of their portfolio, as well as guidance on new investments. Dorset has offered essential tools for the decision-making process.

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Transparency, dialogue and resilience are the pillars of our Culture, establishing strong relationships with entrepreneurs and investors.

We believe that the didactic through numbers is capable of eliminating conflicts of opinion as well as the complexity of different visions amongst shareholders.

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We have internal policies and procedures aiming to maintaining conduct standards, with focus on independence of our decisions and preventing any potential conflict of interest, that if identified should be dealt with in the most clear and transparent way, for the benefit of our clients and investors, in line with international best practices and existing rules.

Manuals and Internal Procedures, as required by local regulation:

Política de Investimentos Pessoais (art. 14, inciso V, da ICVM 558)
Declaração da Política de Rateio e Divisão de Ordens (art. 14, inciso VII, da ICVM 558)
Formulário de Referência (art. 14, inciso I, da ICVM 558)
Manual de Compliance (art. 14, inciso III, da ICVM 558)
Manual de Ética e Conduta (art. 14, inciso II, da ICVM 558)
Política de Gestão de Riscos (art. 14, inciso IV, da ICVM 558)